Monday, May 10, 2010

12 weeks and counting

Tomorrow (I mean today) it's back to the grind, and this last semester will be crazier than ever. 
12 weeks of non-stop craziness. 
Craziness. For lack of a better word. 

This semester, I hope to:
have more clarity in which field of nursing I would like to work
enjoy my time with my nursing friends
encourage others
be joyful in the midst of stress and job hunting
find a job..??!
continue blogging fairly regularly
gain confidence in caring for patients
put all that I've learned together and start learning how to apply it
continue going to bible study when I can
be blessed with a wonderful preceptor
win the battle of eating the couch that Baker and Em keep playing
spend time with my husband, and sister, and parents, and in laws
attend my brother in law's wedding to a wonderful girl
spend time with Jesus
get to know my Savior better and better

Ready or not, here we go!

[PS: I have many blogs piled up that I need to get up here... sorry blog. It's been crazy. But I will post more soon from latest happenings. Fun to come!]

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