Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Date night with Sis

Tonight I got to hang out with my favorite girl of all time... my little sister. My class was canceled, so did the right thing and spent time away from school :).

We spent the evening scouting out the cutest restaurant we could find, and ended up at Mexican. Oh well, we tried. It was definitely tasty! And pretty cute too. :) I love going to new and cute areas of town, walking around and exploring. Carly was a great sport to explore with me.

[don't worry - that's a virgin strawberry margarita. and mine's a diet coke.] Then we walked the cute streets of La Mesa to a fun and hip coffee shop (which will be found here soon), where she tried the white mocha (what every coffee shop is measured against, of course) and I sampled the almond roca mocha (chocolate, with a bit of espresso and roca ;). We relaxed in huge chairs and shared a super yummy and soft reeses cookie before heading home.

She let me take home some leftovers from her cooking practice she had done earlier that afternoon. Carly is the best cook I know, and I've told her many times (and will tell you again C!) that I would pay her to cook for me. :) She made potato mushroom soup (I'm sure the name was fancier than that), mushroom bisque soup (would never have thought of that in a million years, but it tasted great), and some little desserty things with strawberries in them (also wonderful). Thanks for your treats C. Anytime you decide to "try some new recipes," pleassssssssse call me.

My sister is my favorite. She laughs with me. Loud, and she doesn't care what people think. We can sit quietly, or talk loudly, and it's natural. She isn't embarrassed by me, and she actually thinks I'm funny. And GOSH she is funny. We tease each other constantly, but always with a smile. Ultimately, I am the proudest sister ever and the luckiest too. I'm fairly convinced if I ever move somewhere, I'm taking her with me. Either that or cry every single day. Regardless, for now, she's home for the summer and I like that. Because it means more sister dates in the near future.

I love you C.

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