Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Pits and Peaks

My day was a roller coaster ... down up down up down up.
Those are the worst days. And yet, they are the best.
Because they force me to appreciate the moments.

- emma rolling in dog poop this morning on our walk
- leaving late to get to my first day of clinical
- parking in the semi-ghetto
- spilling an entire green salsa on my scrub pants at lunch
- burrito insides spilling everywhere (last time I'm eating mexican on the run in the target parking lot by myself in my work clothes)
- getting an assignment to drive through the ghetto
- tired, grumpy, hungry, and headache

- wearing scrub pants and a t-shirt (seriously such a perk of the job)
- the greatest school nurse preceptor ever
- stories from middle schoolers
- getting connected with the rest of my community health hours
- my sis looking for shorts with pockets for me
- free ice blended drink at coffee bean
- my friend calling to check on me tonight
- j's happy smile and hug to welcome me home
- an intact couch and couch cover for two days now
- our silly animals

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