Thursday, May 6, 2010

Love on the Homefront

Today is my parents' 10 year anniversary!!!

In honor of ten whole years, ten things I love about them:

1. They make each other laugh

2. Steve does sweet things like take me to an event coordinator event and take me out to dinner

3. Our animals now have voices and full personalities

4. They do things together, like padres games

5. They are honest with each other

6. Steve helped make things like a car and college and a wedding happen

7. They look like each other

8. They are similar - Mom makes a funny face or something and says, 'oh that was SO something Steve would do!'

9. They love each other and Carly and me - Steve loves us like we're his own :)

10. They are best best best friends!

I'm so glad you guys are married. Thank you for letting me witness a true lasting relationship. And Steve, I am so glad you came to be a part of our family. You have added so much to our lives and to Mom's!

Happy Anniversary, Mom and Stevie!! I love you!

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