Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Walk for a Cure

This past Saturday (only a few hours after we returned from LA) Mom and I did the MS Walk.

I love doing walks. I love being a part of something bigger than me. My mom does too. This was our third year doing the MS Walk together, and man is it fun! Typically it's at Legoland, but this year they offered one in Liberty Station, so we went to that one. Because really, it's the cutest area ever.
 Gettting started... and we're off! I've convinced her self-portraits taken with the camera held out in front of us are totally the latest and greatest.
 Yep, we definitely walked down Harbor Dr. Lots of planes! :)
 Half time. The moment we had been waiting for. They had these super yummy cold vanilla latte drinks - excellent idea!
 We each got two. Mom only had to go to the bathroom three times. ;)
I love the harbor. Every time I go down there I think, gosh I really should come down here more often. (we both said that).
 And the big finish!!
[Mom really liked those little coffees. :)]

Thanks for doing it with me, Mom. You're the best. I love hanging out with you. And hey, we got free coffee and pizza after! So it was totally worth it!

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