Monday, April 19, 2010

Happy birthday Grandpa!

This past Friday was my grandpa's 81st birthday, so Saturday evening we all got together and had a little birthday party for him, complete with homestyle cookin'! Thanks Grandma - it was awesome!

Grandma also gave us a tour of her yard. They have the hugest amount of property and I didn't even realize all that my grandma did to keep it looking so nice. She's got full-on trees growing in the back that she planted! As well as a beautiful flower planter and the prettiest garden I've ever seen.
 She layed every one of those bricks by hand. 

She calls these her Dr. Seuss flowers. :)

I love the way my grandma loves life. I love her creativity. And I love the way she loves my grandpa. And it was sweet to see him smiling. :)

Happy birthday, Grandpa!

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