Monday, April 26, 2010

Something simple on Monday

[clarification: Steve is the mastermind behind all things outside. he works so hard every week to keep it looking fresh and beautiful. so credit where credit is deserved... way to go Esteban!]

sometimes it's the little things

like the flowers in my parents' front yard
that I wait for to open.
every Spring they never fail
to open on sunshiney days, big and yellow and proud.

it's like a secret garden 
walking up the pathway
you feel special, like they opened just for you
to welcome you home.

i really love flowers
the ones in our neighborhood make me smile
but there's just something about the flowers at my parents' house
that makes me smile extra big.

i love when nature does just what God created it to do
boldly proclaim His existence
and bring Him glory
by being beautiful

1 comment:

  1. I took a picture EXACTLY like that when I was home a few weeks ago. It excites me too!