Monday, April 12, 2010

Our little terrors

Baker and Emma have been very busy the last few days.

Baker taught Emma. We know because she was an angel back when she was alone.  
Turns out they put their little brains together to create double the destruction. 
In very creative ways...

Wednesday: the lamp

In a zillion little pieces. Not recognizable.

They had a few drinks in the midst of their shade-tearing. 
The evidence was in their whiskers.
And in their water bowl.

"Baker made me do it, Mom."

Friday: the trash. 

 No food remnants left.
Amazingly, no sickies either.

Saturday: the books. Actually, J's books.
From tight in our bookshelf.
7 of them.
One in particular has no more index or front or back. Those are in many pieces.
Sorry about that hun.
You had the book memorized, right?

Sunday: we set up (we being J) a webcam that broadcast their actions to J's iphone.
Of course they were perfectly cute and still the whole time.

Monday: the couch. and trash. and potty.
Complete with coffee grounds and bird seed from the trash. 
Regarding the couch, the couch cushion, to be exact. 
Just the stuffing inside though, no biggie.
You can still sit on it.

Good thing I place more value on my animals than on my physical property. 

Good thing we didn't really need the lamp, or the trash to stay in its trash bag, or some books, or the couch or carpet. 

And good thing they're cute.

We really gotta get Luigi an emergency cell phone.

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