Friday, April 9, 2010

Research Adventures

Thursday was the 6th annual Research Day conference at APU [Mahea - I wrote this and then clicked to your page to link to you and saw you started yours the same way! hahaha. I think I copied you though since you were first, sorry]. Research + Jordanna = not really friends. But, Mahea made it so much better. She took some photos and told the story well of our morning (which began at 5:45am) of Starbucks, a long drive up the 15 to LA, Shakira en espanol, and an exciting experience with the GPS (I give in... they actually are really cool).

The day was filled with presentations of many fairly non-applicable studies (in my honest opinion) with a few important and fun tidbits inserted in there. Fortunately, I had my friends and my new iPhone (! I know !) with internet... never thought that would be cool, until Research Day. :)

Mahea and I - she gets me through this crazy thing called nursing school with lots of smiles and hugs. 

Amber and Blair

Blair, Lisa, Katelyn, and Ashley

Jennie and Nancy

I love all these girls. We sat together. They have each blessed my life in a unique way. It's so fun to be friends with people so different from me! :)

Jose and Brian - our token guys :)

Okay, so research day ended up being kinda fun.

- Drinking water from pretty pitchers
- Unlimited iced tea and coffee
- Standing in a forever line for salad for lunch (keeping us healthy I guess)
- Pretty desserts (they must have been saving money for the desserts with the lunch)
- Learning about the prevalence of rice in the Filipino culture (I know, right!)
- Learning about rural India (now that was interesting)
- Meeting Jennie's mom (she works at APU)
- Hanging with friends
- Carpooling with Mahea
- Pinkberry on the way home (Mahea told me we could get Pinkberry on the way home... all day I was excited since I'd never been to Pinkberry... "so it's like frozen yogurt? or ice cream? is it like smoothies? i'm so excited" ... she's a good sport to put up with my antics)
- Confirmation that Mahea is staying in San Diego

We chatted the entire way home, which made the two hour drive go much faster. Thank goodness for not much traffic. And for a friend who will talk about anything :) ... papers, music, faith, cord blood .... ;) Thanks for riding with me, M!

I love how our nursing class loves each other. This is such a team effort.

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