Thursday, April 15, 2010

Frustrated, overwhelmed, and loved

Lately, it's been a series of crazy stressful and overwhelming days.

My bad attitude:
- There's no new RN jobs. Like, not until January 2011. What the heck am I doing.
- If one more person tells me they would rather be in school than work or they are so glad they aren't in school anymore, I'm gonna cry.
- I have 4 papers to write in the next 10 days. None of which are started.
- My email has been crawling it's so slow, gosh darn it Azusa.
- I forgot to do my bible homework this week.
- I'm a failure blogger. (I think about blogging multiple times a day. Unfortunately it's tough to do when I have homework that should be a priority.)
- Turns out my Red Cross CPR is not what the hospitals want. They want it through American Heart Association. It's the same thing! Just another $60 and 6 hours.
- I'm tired. And Baker and Emma keep eating the couch cushion stuffing and it's everywhere.

Hope in the midst of it:
- Baker and Emma are the gosh darn cutest little things ever and they love each other so very much. And I love them way more than I love my couch.
- J ate my dinner tonight and said he liked it even though it totally wasn't good (tip of the day: if a recipe tells you to cook something in salad dressing, don't do it. salad dressing smells bad when it's hot).
- I got to see some great stuff at clinical today (for fear of deterring anyone from my blog, I won't be too this point in time). Just 2 more shifts there!
- I love Children's Hospital.
- I really like critical care.
- Our pastor is our neighbor.
- Our complex is having a mexican fiesta potluck next weekend.
- Mom came over and followed me around while I got ready yesterday. When life gets crazy that's sorta how we hang out, and I like it :)
- J gave me the very best hug tonight. (He's very good about hugs ... we established that early on :)).
- 14 weeks and I'm done with nursing school :)
- God is faithful and He meets me where I am.
- He knew I hate to be alone so he gave me a permanent buddy. The best ever.

See Jordanna, It's not that bad.
It's actually pretty good.