Tuesday, April 6, 2010

I want to 'pump you up!'

Well, J and I rejoined the gym

It was time. 

Her's what I know about myself (kinda ironic since I'm gonna be a nurse): I know I live in the prettiest city and can "just go running outside" and ya-de-ya. I tried it. A couple times. I hated it. Every time. And so I won't commit to it. 

The gym, on the other hand, has variety. I can run or walk or elliptic (is that the verb for elliptical?) or bike or swim or take a class or lift weights or do sit-ups... and it's a controlled environment. I am not disciplined enough to do it at home.

My reality: I need a building to tell me to work out. 

I know, it's ridiculous. But it's the truth. I almost like the gym. Kinda.

We went tonight for the first time. I hated it and I loved it. 

We celebrated with yogurt afterwards.

Don't make fun... I'm totally a fan of the reward system.

So, we are committed ... wish us luck!


  1. YAY! Good luck, you'll do great! I am totally with you on the rewards.

  2. rewards are great...I reward myself with a treat after every meal :)