Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter festivities

Last night, we stopped by my parents' house (I needed a nail polish touch up from my sister's supply) and I joined in on a bit of egg-decorating fun. :) [PS - C, your tie dye eggs look pretty cool in the photo]

This morning, I convinced J to wake up early with me to go to church on Easter Sunday. [I have a thing with church on Easter Sunday. Saturday Easter isn't the same for me. Ok for many, just not for me]. Anyway, he isn't one for 'crowds.' I bribed him with me driving, leaving suuuuper early, and Starbucks. :) This is our new tradition, for sure ;). Thanks sweetheart. I loved going with you.

We had brunch at John's family's house and enjoyed Easter festivities (including a visit from the Easter bunny and a mighty beautiful fruit display and yummy egg concoction... sorry I forgot the name of it.. :)

Then visited my family for some outdoor adventures. Emma enjoyed burying (again and again) her toy, and we had another visit from the Easter bunny. Gosh I love that bunny. :)

And ended with a relaxing meal of leftovers, a good chat with J, and some much-needed study time for my quiz tomorrow morning. 

I love Easter.
I love celebrating my Savior's resurrection, and the entire reason I believe what I do.
I love spending time with family.
I love chocolate.
I love days with my husband.
And my pups (even when they get over-tired).

Yep. Easter rocks.

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