Thursday, July 14, 2011

When she joins hands with him

It is almost 10pm Thursday night. Which means it is 8am Friday morning in Greece.
Which means it is Aristoula's wedding day.
The day she will marry her best friend in the world {i'm right behind ya Petro!}
{she's technically court-house married... but this is the big Greek wedding she's been waiting for!}

Aristoula is my best Greek friend in the world.
She is the most similar person to me I know.
Even if we do live a bazillion miles apart and I've heard her voice once in the last two years.
We're still besties. I still adore her. I always will. 
One day I will visit her in Crete and see the beautiful place she calls home.

And she's marrying Petro. He is amazing. 
He cherishes her. He takes care of her. He loves her.
I'm so thankful God brought him into her life.

Her family including Petro celebrated with us when we got married.
Her family I consider my own.
Her parents are like my own, her brothers and sisters like my own.

And today {tomorrow} they will become 
Petros and Aristoula Kakepakis.

I'm so excited for you both.
May God protect your marriage, 
enrich your love for each other,
and draw you close to each other and to Himself.

I love you Arie and Petro!!! Congratulations!!

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