Wednesday, July 13, 2011

{san fran/san jose}: All you can Eat

Besides drinking coffee and shakes, we did manage to eat some {yummy} real food!
{although I consider a white mocha frapp a food, and if stranded on a desert island with one option of food type,
I would absolutely choose ice cream if I could survive on it... but that's another story}

Clam Chowder in bread bowls on Pier 39, just me and my baby

Chipotle in union square {not exactly unique but one of our faves}

breakfast buffet Saturday at Urban Tavern

lunch on Main in Los Gatos with J's parents

Greek for dinner with everyone at Opa!
{his} euros & {her} chicken souvlaki
while at Opa!, we celebrated a few special occasions:
J's 26th birthday on 6-23
J's dad's 60th birthday on 6-26
and Sam and Valinda's first anniversary on 6-26

breakfast/dessert Saturday at Icing on the Cake and Great Bear with J, S&V

lunch with everyone at California Cafe
{his} strawberry lemonade & {her} peach lemonade... mmm

{his} fish tacos
Happy 60th birthday, John!!! So fun to have the family together to celebrate you :)
Happy anniversary Sam and V! Thanks for sharing your first with your entire family... you are troopers ;)
On a more serious note... love your marriage and how you love each other.

dinner with the McGovern clan at Black Angus

breakfast Monday with the McGs at the charming Southern Kitchen
my {not-so} awesome idea of a group photo
our favorites...
{his} french toast with syrup & {her} pancakes with strawberries and whip cream

and a trip to Powell's Sweet Shoppe... mmmm!
Sixlets, anyone??
thanks for showing me, V! you're the greatest candy buying buddy :)

 We each gained 9 pounds in four days... haha... just kidding... sorta...
All that to say, we ate well! Good food, fun places, and great company :)

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  1. Thanks J, great to have you there! Memorable weekend