Monday, July 4, 2011

Bringing in the 4th

So what did we do to celebrate the 4th this year?

Well, I had to work. And J had to do an upgrade at work that took him until past 8pm. 
So that was that part. :)

I stopped at the grocery store and picked up a $1 two-liter of diet coke, burger supplies, and watermelon. 
{It's not the 4th without watermelon}

Carly picked me up and we {read: she} went scouring Rite Aid for the perfect nail polish.

Then she came over and played dress-up with the puppies. They'll do anything for her.

We chatted and had fun sister time.

We barbequed and had a yummy festive dinner.

And C and I hurried our way to my parents' driveway just in time to catch the fireworks show.

 It was a lovely evening of laughter and remembering our country.
God bless America.

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