Tuesday, July 5, 2011

A little goes a long way

This weekend, J and I made a few {small to you, big to us} home improvements.

1. the espresso maker
{the long story} We've had kinda a rough go with our awesome espresso maker. 
Although it made some amazing vanilla lattes and we enjoyed many nights with Carly over lattes,
for the second time, this one piece broke. The first time, I got to exchange it for a new one. But I can't do that again and it's not important enough to me to send it back to the manufacturer.
Anyways, this weekend we said goodbye, which meant extra counter space.
Now I feel like things have their place a bit better and my coffee pot has a home.
{one day I'll have a coffee cart for my coffee stuff, but that's long-term-in-next-home}



2. the plant
{the long story} J likes plants inside and outside. I like plants outside. I used to feel plants [minus cut flowers] should be kept in their natural habitat, outside. Mostly because they die when they come in my house. I have since began to appreciate potted plants and even find them beautiful. During this Home Depot trip, J convinced me a small plant would liven the place up a bit. To which I said sure and suggested we put a tree on the balcony {how far I've come... don't worry, we didn't do that.. yet!}. Anyway, he won and we have a little plant on our counter now. Which I am actually fond of. Even though I don't feed him- J does. It's better for him that way. :)

3. the living room blinds: window and door
{the long story} At some point since having our two little balls of fur, we found a vertical blind missing.
At another point since Baker, our window blinds were remodeled so he could see out the window.
{we have replaced blinds a few times since getting the puppies, but these were the final fixes}
Anyways, we still make sure to pull up the blinds a bit in the daytime so Baker can look out the window {as pictured}.

4. the balcony light
{the long story} there isn't really one, except the old one has been there since our home was built 30 years ago. It's been driving J crazy, so we upgraded to a slightly more fashionable light.
Who knew something like a light could be so fun!

Little by little, it becomes more and more our own.
It makes me excited to do big changes! A little motivation is always a good thing :).

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  1. Looks great! Love the new dining room set. You get a VWD for all that work.