Saturday, July 16, 2011

{san jose}: the Sights... and a little shopping

J and I fell in love with San Jose. Why?

Venture Christian Church.
S&V go to church here and Sam is their sound/marketing extraordinaire
 Sam's office
 J helping set up
 the service

The scenery... green green green!!
 can I pleaseeeee live in this house?

A bride sneaking through the parking structure :)

 Downtown Los Gatos
i wanted one of these. [plane flight home+no kids yet] held me back.
i came across this store ran completely by volunteers - all profits donated to a children's organization
i WANT these ice cream tall cups in the butter paddle... all four colors please ;) 
when we went back to get them, the store was closed :(
J spotted an apple store in the center of the cuteness
he was pretty excited ;)
we took V's sis and bro-in-law in for their first time... Daryl was a kid in a candy shop :)

 mastiffs at the park outside the farmers' market

Santana Row... aka most fashionable and fun district in SJ.
{a tiny bit snooty... hence the lack of pictures... but such a perfect date!!}

enough said.

We saw so many fun places, picked up many trinkets {so many that we had to ship them home!},
and made some great memories with each other and with family.

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