Tuesday, July 12, 2011

{san fran/san jose}: Caffeine Frenzy Galore

On our recent trip to Northern Cali, we managed to fit a whole lot into less than four days:
family time, shopping, meals, sight seeing, celebrations, hanging out, church, chatting, a little sleeping...
and coffee dates.

J and I were pretty much up for anything on this trip, which made it extra fun for us.
My one goal was to drink as many flavored coffee shake-type drinks as possible from different places.
Although my dreams of swimming in frappuccinos to my heart's content didn't exactly pan out, 
we did manage to make it to a few hit spots both old and new.

#1: Starbucks in the San Diego airport
  and on the plane :)

#2: Nob Hill Chill at Ghiradelli square

 #3: Blue Bottle Coffee in San Fran
 [i admit... i got the lemonade... wasn't in a real 'hot-coffee' mood, but J's was great!]

 #4: Starbucks in SF Union Square

 #5: Malt in downtown Los Gatos

 #6: yumminess at Great Bear, a favorite of Sam and V's... and mine :)
 we took these to the park, because how cool is coffee in the park?!

#7: Peet's Coffee in the San Jose airport 
{this is lacking a photo, but trust me, it was awesome}

As for my favorite? 
Great Bear. 
Wish we could have gone every day :) Thanks S and V for showing it to us!
If you ever find yourself in Los Gatos, stop in for a serious treat :)

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