Sunday, July 10, 2011

50 is Freedom

Today, my mom turns 50 years old! Half of a century! 
She is in super good spirits about it which makes it oh so fun!!

We had a three-day extravaganza.... or palooza... 

Steve, C, J and me {mostly Steve} gave Mom a makeover with our friend Michelle, who did our makeup for my wedding. She came to our house Saturday morning and showed Mom how to do some fun stuff, and then went and bought a bunch of the supplies for her! Mom was SO excited. She totally wanted that. :)

The "after" shot ;) Seriously, my mom is SO beautiful!!

Then we went to get mani-pedis. I got a mani, C got a pedi and Mom got both.
She even treated us! Which we told her wasn't fair since it was her birthday, 
but moms are moms. So we obliged her ;) It was so fun!! We all got super nice girls doing it too.

Then we took a shopping trip {we l.o.v.e Target!!} and tried on some stuff for fun... 
Carly ended up getting a super cute dress and jeans!
 of course we were fashionistas in the store
 they are so fun, they humor me :)

We had the fam over for chicken quesadillas Saturday evening
{J rocks at these. I can do it. He can do it better. In my humble opinion}
I was pretty excited because this was the first time I used our leaf in our table!
{guess it's time to invite people over more often...!}

 Baker adores Carly. He loves anything and everything that has to do with Carly
including being held by her.

Sunday {today} is her actual birthday. 
What did we do?

J had to run lights for all the services today {6:45am-3:45pm!}
so I went to church with S, M and C. 
And remembered how much I love Skyline.
{I grew up at Skyline... 21 years of my life spent in that church - so much invested there}
We stayed after for 30 minutes chatting with old friends
before heading up the coast to Cardiff for brunch at the Beach House.

bathroom pit stop with the camera and me = picture time!!

This restaurant is seriously right on the water. So beautiful. My two beautiful ladies.

"Little presents throughout the day to make it special in every way!"


seriously... RIGHT on the beach.
 love them

 mom and carly

love these guys.

love my mom.

We relaxed at home in the afternoon and then J and I went over for Round Table pizza 
and Carly's amazing no-bake peanut butter cup dessert. 

Bakes and C had another love fest

two extra special people

Present time!! 
among some other fun things, I made her a little book with 50 things about Mom... 
memories, thankful for, things she does, who she is. This was the last page.

Emma's appearance with Grandma :)

Mom, I would not be who I am without you. Thank you for always providing for us, for loving us, for being committed to us, and for celebrating life with us. You are an incredible example of what a mom should be. 
Thank you for being you. I love you with all of my heart.

Here's to the next 50!!


  1. What a fun weekend! I love that last picture of your mom and Steve. Goooorgy!!! :)

    PS: The book turned out cute!! :)

  2. First of all, these pictures all look amazing! It all sounds like a great time.

    Second.... SHE'S 50?! I would NEVER guess that. Wow. You have a great looking family!

  3. Thanks girls! It was so fun! Jess, thanks for the book compliment! Not too bad for my first - I gotta get some tips about the binding though! Alli, thanks! And I know - doesn't she look young?! She got a whole makeover this birthday so she was pretty excited - new haircut, new makeup, mani-pedicure, new clothes :).