Monday, July 18, 2011

Weekend Recap

Although my J had to work much of the weekend,
there were still many joys to come out of these last couple days.

trip to the gym
yummy steak dinner and puppy play time at my parents' house
late night starbucks run
a little blogging {no more trip blogging, i promise... until next time ;)}
staying up late and sleeping in
meeting sweet new neighbors
celebrating kristina's twins in her tummy with the ladies in my condo complex
two eight-month-old girls playing
sunshine, sunshine, and more sunshine
sweet texts from friends
italian on the town with my baby
redbox movie night complete with popcorn, red licorice, and sno caps
hugs from good friends i haven't seen in awhile
conversations about marriage
cleaning off a few countertops
michaels shopping trip with J
puppy cuddling
hubby-wife cuddling
instagram fun
spontaneous target run with mom
visiting my special friend's brothers
women's world cup... always proud of you USA girls. you did great.
watching snippets of aristoula's wedding - 1200 people there! for her!!
a little reading
a few ice cold glasses of water
grocery shopping at a few stores... wheelin' and dealin' ;)

So very thankful for the short two days that provide a bit of mental and physical rejuvenation.

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