Monday, February 22, 2010

These are the days of my life

Since I have clinical on Saturdays right now, Sundays are J and my only day together where we are both off. Since I did ACLS on Friday, I had a backload of homework to do on Sunday. In the midst of it though, there were some fun moments weaved into the weekend.

~ I saw my first birth in the hospital! What an amazing experience.
~ Good worship at church
~ Mexican food after no mexican for quite a few weeks - I forgot how much I love rolled tacos! And we found a new spot.
~ A visit from my favorite sister! Good thing my husband is a night owl and kept me up to see her.
~ Rain. Rain. And more rain.
~ A walk with Em and J
~ Breakfast at desk (the alternative to breakfast in bed when you're a student) ... thanks for the cinnamon toast honey.
~ Some productivity in the homework field
~ Grocery shopping with J
~ Homemade lattes
~ Fresh strawberries

Have I mentioned I love the rain?

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