Thursday, February 4, 2010

Happy birthday Jessi

Jessi is the kind of girl everyone wants to have as their friend.

She's honest. Straightforward. Tells it like it is. And real.
And she's humble.
And funny. And so fun to be with.
And the most creative person I know.
She truly cares about people. And she reminds them constantly. With words, and notes, and hugs, and texts, and emails.
And when she says she's happy to see you, she really means it.

I am the luckiest girl ever to get to call Jessi my friend.

And I'm double lucky to get to see her every week these days, since we're in bible study together. Which is so awesome.

I met Jessi in college. I was immediately intrigued and amazed by her perfectly decorated pink, black and white room that was complete and matching within a couple days of the semester's beginning. We became fast friends.
So many times I ran to her room in frustration, or excitement. And vice versa.
I got to be her RA for a year. She was quite the trooper for my random hall events.
She played an integral part of making my wedding run smoothly and look perfect. And of course, be special just because she was there. :)
She married her best friend like I married mine. And the boys love each other. Which is rather convenient and much fun.When the J-Mc's get together, fun and genuineness abounds.
I love that we were friends from the start, and that we're better friends each week.

Happy 23rd birthday Jessi. I love you.

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  1. Thanks, Jay. You are far too sweet. And thoughtful. I love you!