Thursday, February 11, 2010

Dear Jesus,

Thanks for bible study last night. Thanks for a group of girls who really love you and want to learn about you. Thanks for great conversations and friends and tea and laughter. And for giving us your spirit and your armor.

Thanks for my husband. Thanks for the fact that he misses me when I'm gone and gets excited when I come home. And thanks for an evening of nothing on the calendar tonight. Finally! Not that I don't love activities - I do. But it's sure nice to be home together.

Thanks for Emma. Thanks for blessing us with a little animal who cuddles with us in the morning. Well, with me until J wakes up quite a bit later. :)

Thanks for getting me up early this morning to spend some time with you. I do it sometimes, even often, but not for long enough, ever. So thanks for today.

Please help me get this paper done today. I really have to concentrate and I'm kinda struggling to be focused. Thanks for caring about little things like a paper.

Thanks for being faithful when I'm not, for being strong when I'm weak, and for loving me when I don't feel very lovable. But I love you.


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