Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Ten tokens for Tuesday

1. I found a nursing theory for my paper. Trust me. This is a big deal.
2. Clean laundry.
3. A chat with Mom and Sis.
4. My final textbook came in the mail. After some weeks and a few orders. Third times the charm.
5. 24 on hulu.
6. Success at Emma's obedience class. She "sat and stayed" while I walked around her. We celebrate the stepping stones here.
7. Cuddle time with J.
8. Cute fun return address labels. Bill paying is that much more fun.
9. My bright pink folder. Anything to make me smile when I do homework.
10. My first homemade mudpie. My favorite dessert ever. J and I chowed.
As for tomorrow... happy humpday!

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