Friday, February 12, 2010

A Pixar kind of night

I may have found my new favorite movie last night. Courtesy of my sister's incredible movie collection. Thank you Carly, for Cars. Seriously, who comes up with these Pixar plots? As John says, "Those Pixar guys are a bunch of stinking geniuses." There's another thing I love about J. He recognizes brilliance. Probably because he's brilliant. Side note: wow, brilliant is such a fun word to say.

Maybe what added to my enjoyment is that I got to watch it with my husband. We haven't watched a movie in what seems like a long time. Which makes it that much more exciting.

And I took the night off of homework. Which is always a joy to do.

And we had cookies. Valentines cookies to be exact. And milk. Yes me, I had a glass of milk. I know. I'm changing. It's wierd, I almost liked it.

And we hung with Luige and Em and Aqua and Tic.

And I had my new blanket to snuggle with.

We gotta do that more often. Thanks for letting us borrow it, C!

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