Tuesday, February 23, 2010

So ... yeah

I got to see my mom today! Em and I made a spur-of-the-moment stop over for a bit to visit while she was home because her patient canceled. Mom made me coffee and a cinnamon bagel and I filled her in on my last five days (or something like that) since I had talked to her. Trust me - this is a long time for us. And Emma got to run with Casey and Sammy. Sammy loves her. It's so cute - he gets so excited now.
She told me about a conversation she had with a nurse, and it made me think I should start building some contacts. Like, I have none. I hate building contacts. I seriously
hate networking. I think it's lame, it takes advantage of people, and it's fake. But that's how the world works. I guess I better make some fast friends. So I don't have to call it networking. I can call it friendship.
I finished another paper today. Whoopie! I get a little annoyed that I am writing papers. I mean really? Nursing school? It's supposed to make me a better critical thinker. I wonder how you evaluate if it's working.
Emma had dog training tonight. She had to make a figure 8 through poles. She was afraid of the poles. Gosh I love that dog. The trainers love her too. They said, "aww Emma it's ok, she's so cute." Then I heard one say to the other, "I can't even watch Emma she's so cute and makes me laugh." I like that trainer. Granted - she doesn't really go "down" ... or "come" ... or "stay" super well.... but she's learning. I'm patient. Her graduation is in 2 weeks. We have to go through an obstacle course. I told her we better get practicing (more me than her). She agrees.
We had tacos for dinner. The first time I made them ever. Granted, the shells were store bought. I think that counts though. They were pretty good. I even convinced J to eat a little meat. He's my unofficial vegetarian. But I love him anyway.
I follow this mommy blog, (as well as others - yes, I stalk strangers - trust me, it's not that wierd) and figured out today that this girl makes her living off her blog. How cool would it be to make my living off my blog?? I would never have to work again. Although, that may make my school a bit of a waste. I guess I'll stick with my day job for now. Since I've only got 5 followers right now. :) A girl can dream, right? Dreaming is what keeps me going day to day. Life's too depressing without dreams.
We watched 24 tonight. Gosh Jack is so cool. He's a little softer this season - his heart shows. I like that. I love that show. No one talks about it anymore. Old news. I don't think so. I'm faithful week after week. Besides, we don't have cable, and it's on hulu. Which means it's free. But I'll only watch it if J is there. Because I usually have to cover my eyes at least three times each episode. Either that or I fall asleep. J is smart. He knows. So he bought me yogurt mill beforehand with mini reeses pieces so I would make it through.
Speaking of covering eyes, have you ever seen Gattaca? Don't. Trust me. We watched it in ethics class yesterday. Longest two hours of my life. Well maybe not life. But it's wierd. It was a 7 watch checker (that's how my favorite stepdad rates movies. The lower score, the better the movie. 7 is not good).
I'm freezing. The heater is on, but sometimes I get so internally cold that it doesn't matter that it's on and I have a sweater and pants and socks and a blanket. It's just cold. Which I love - really I do. I better go cover Luigi. It's bedtime for that sweet little bird. Emma's out. She had a big day. She got her bordatella vaccine today too - just a little spray in the nose. She's tough. PS - people who say they don't need vaccines... let me tell you. You do. Just trust me. Don't try to beat the virus, or disease, or whatever you're trying to beat. Just get the stinking vaccine and be done with it.
Well, enough randomness for tonight. If you made it to the end, congrats! This is what my mind is like all the time. No real deep thoughts. Just some random ones. Jumping from one side of the trampoline to the other.
Good night friends. Sweet dreams Tuesday.

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