Thursday, June 30, 2011

J's birthday extravaganza: Part 3

After all that, then came June 23rd. 

We both decided to take the {thurs}day off and make it count.
best. decision. ever.

The morning brought:
many fun cards to open (which were spread throughout the day of course)

puppy birthday smiles

birthday "26 ways i love you" signs all around the house

and some presents... a polo shirt, swim shorts,

We continued the celebration with Starbucks [it wouldn't be J's birthday without it!]
and a fun maternity photo shoot and lunch date in Coronado with our life pals Mark and Katie.

they were so sweet to get our lunch and him a few types of yummy candy :)
this was my personal favorite!
so fun to celebrate with such special friends!

The afternoon brought a special treat from the kids

 (yes those are their paw prints... minus luigi, he refused)
"shorts for our walks... we love dad!"

 The evening brought an HOA meeting, filming an event at church, and packing.
{packing = start to finish, 3 loads of laundry and cleaning}
not quite as exciting... although the packing was exciting in an anticipatory way!
However, we did manage to squeeze in one more gift in the wee hours of the morning before bedtime.

I love you babe.
So blessed to be your wife. So proud to call you my husband.
Happy birthday!!!

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