Wednesday, June 29, 2011

J's birthday extravaganza: Part 2

To continue the fun, J and I met my parents and sister at the best burger joint ever for dinner on Tuesday.

We made quite the ruckus with all our photos in our big booth
{i'm not sure if ruckus is a good thing or not, but when i say it, it's a good thing}

The proof:

 we love each other

 we love each other too, though it's hard to tell based on my sister's faces ;)

the presents:
 super cute polo shirts and shorts
 a memory card and case
 a navy seal book for my handsome navy seal ;) and a cool black journal!

The parents {so cute}:
 I made them do this. Reason #543 why I love them: they did it. :)

the three muskateers

So fun to celebrate my baby again! 
And still, the big birthday to come!

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