Sunday, June 19, 2011

Celebrate the weekends

Well, I'm a week behind, but last weekend was awesome, so I wanted to share a few highlights.

 the marriage conference at shadow
spending {late night super quality} time with our good friends j&j... and yogurt mill :)

celebrating katie and her baby-girl-elle-in-her-tummy with friends jen and jessi
{p.s. i adore these girls}

a much needed and perfect 3-hour nap with j

aunt linda's 50th birthday bash with c... aunt lin adds so much life to my italian side :)

and the beginning of a new marriage series at ymc.

[since i'm writing a week later and {unofficially} suffer from short-term memory loss,
this is all i remember at this time. 
but i remember it was awesome. i remember we were tired but had time to be home,
and spend quality time with each other and with special friends and family.]

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