Sunday, June 19, 2011

And for this weekend's recap...

my weekend... in a nutshell 
{there's another one of those phrases that is somewhat confusing to me...}

lots of time with mom prepping for our yard sale
puppy play time with sammy
celebrating paige's 34th birthday with a surprise mexican fiesta
a super successful 3-day yard sale with mom
fundraising excitement
marghee and candice hunting around at the sale... i love my friends
j and steve helping us clean up [i love my family]
visiting my favorite place in san diego... point loma
adalbertos #22 breakfast burrito
starbucks on the harbor with j's bestie brandon and his beautiful sarah and fam
starbucks planning sesh with my handsome hubby
ymc convo about love and the importance of praise
tropicana no pulp orange juice
celebrating fathers
a little shopping and some learning too
father's day dinner/j's first of many birthday bashes ;)
puppy play time at grandma k and grandpa j's house

i'm looking forward to a three-day work week,
j's 26th birthday,
and visiting sam and valinda!

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