Thursday, November 19, 2009

Women in fellowship

I was so blessed to attend a women's bible study last night led by my wonderful friend. I met a great group of girls and am so excited for where this will go. Sometimes I get caught up in life and forget how refreshing it is to sit with a group of girls with a common faith base and just be able to chat. I haven't been a part of a girl's bible study since, well, consistently since high school. It is good to be back. I write this to keep myself accountable to going. To not letting life get too busy for fellowship. Because isn't that what it is about?

There is something unique about when women come together. There are a few common things that bring women together. Heartbreak. Tea and/or coffee. And the Lord. And sometimes, all three.

I like new beginnings. They are kinda scary, but almost always worth it.


  1. jealous. extremely jealous. i want to be part of a women's bible study so badly.

  2. Come! I would love for you to come! We've only met once and I guess there are some girls that couldn't come and will come next week. Come! If you want I will send you the info. :)