Friday, November 13, 2009

Good times on Friday the 13th

Ah, the joys of Friday...

- Fresh avocados for 33 cents at Vons
- A productive study date with Mahea
- Accomplishing all written assignments for Monday, leaving only reading (only...)
- Yummy homemade zucchini bread (a new recipe and highly recommended)

- John coming home early and surprising me (after going in early)
- A successful 7 hour surgery for my grandpa, Bud
- The last chapter of Romans... on to 1 Corinthians
- Pajamas at 5pm
- A clean cage and play time for Luigi

- Emma's new toy
- A phone call from Carly asking for fashion advice
- Wearing a sweatshirt most of the day and being comfortable
- Cuddle time with Hun-bun
- Continued Unit watching
- Emma's ready-for-bed pose

- Looking forward to an restful Saturday, complete with evening church
- Looking forward to visiting my sister and seeing her apartment on Sunday

I seriously love Fridays.

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