Sunday, November 8, 2009

A kitchen kind-of-day

John and I have quite a system in the kitchen when we cook together. Which isn't all that frequent, but does occur a few times a month. Usually when we make pasta, chicken quesadillas, or breakfast. Someone is the chef and the other is the sous chef. We found this to be the best way for us to stay happy and still have a meal as an end result. Just little things, like I usually clean up as I go, whereas J likes the explosion-look of a used kitchen. I'm pretty speedy, more a "get-it-doner," whereas J enjoys himself. At least, these are the differences that once were, a couple years ago. The day I stirred his pasta and he corrected my sauce-making, we knew we needed a better system. So we have a leader. Who's meal is it? And the other is the sous chef. It has worked very nicely for us. And we aren't so different anymore. Sometimes the kitchen is a mess when I'm done. And I have been known to take a bit too long to make a quesadilla that J could do much faster. So it's not as "official" as it used to be.

Mrs: "You're the boss hun!"
Mr: "Ok! Can you grab the big skillet, my lovely little sous chef?"
Mrs: "Sure boss!"

We used to say that. But now we just fall into our roles naturally. But I have to confess, I love it when J is the chef and I get to be the sous chef (not to degrade his sous chef talents - he is a great chopper). Because John is truly a great cook. And when he gets going, we have ourselves a feast. But more than the talent, I just love to cook with my husband. Really, I just love to do anything with him. He is my buddy. Where he goes, I go. And where I go, he goes. Kinda like in Ruth... except not. Cooking is kinda, eh, for me. But with John, it is fun and perfect. Because he is there.

Today was a cooking-together-kind-of-day. We've been talking about making breakfast for awhile now with John's famous breakfast potatoes (now perfected since his original attempt in his 7th grade class... so cute). Today, we decided it was time. We pulled out the pans and set to it. J was the chef. I was the sous chef. I made the bacon and eggs. He made the potatoes, and did the whole "put it all together and make it look good" thing. :) And it was amazing!

We enjoyed breakfast at 3pm today, and it was perfect. Honey and me. And Emma. And Lou. And the fish. :)

I have the best husband in the world. Thanks for making special memories with me hun. And thanks for being my buddy. I love you.

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