Monday, November 23, 2009

Pinkies up

My brother-in-law and future sister-in-law are in town from Virginia this week! J's mom put together a really pretty ladies tea yesterday, which was simply delightful! We had quite a lovely assortment of ladies from the family - J's mom, my mom, my sis, J's grandmas, J's aunt, and Valinda. An affair to remember :)

Have I mentioned how much I love tea time? Well, I love tea time. Tea really brings women together. This was a group of women that don't all get together often, if ever. And it was simply lovely! Grandmama cracked us all up with her commentary, and Kris had the best responses to her mom's sarcastic humor! Valinda told us all about what a romantic my brother-in-law is (in a good way :). And I had my beautiful little sis sitting next to me, my little buddy.

I loved the beautiful pink flowers. I have been having quite a fetish with flowers lately. I tell J basically everyday how much I love having flowers on our table. I have been picking some up at the grocery store, and can I tell you, flowers bring happiness to a table, a room, and my heart.

I loved the perfectly decorated table with ornate little teacups.

I loved the women who came, and the smiles in this picture. Had I not been coaching my lovely photographer of a husband on where to stand, I would have smiled too. Thanks for taking a few photos hun!

And with that photo, he left. John, Sam, and Dad. And it was just the girls.

And boy did we have some wonderful delights! Little quiche squares (sorry Kris, if I am butchering the names of everything) and cantaloupe soup to start. A fruit platter to follow.

And the little cucumber sandwiches. Might I mention that the cucumber sandwiches are what keep me coming to tea parties. :) Those and the eight cups of tea I drink.

We finished off with a truffle platter and shortbread cookies. Mmmm shortbread. I have a special place in my heart for shortbread cookies because my mom loves them so much.

The boys rejoined us a few hours later, with Emma of course. :) She pretty much comes everywhere with us. She's like our kid.

I really like my future sister-in-law. I loved hearing stories and reconnecting, and I'm so excited for these two to get married in June. And for this final girl to join the McGovern clan! Yay for girls! I love you guys! (ps, seriously guys, cutest photo and couple ever).

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