Sunday, November 15, 2009

The joy of having a sister

Today was the best day. J and I woke up and I said, "we get to go see Carly today!" and J said, "yeah!!!" We took showers, had a little breakfast, took our pretty pup for a walk, and headed up to Riverside.

[However, not before J performed search and rescue for Tic (of Aqua and Tic, our finding nemo fish) ... don't worry, he is alive and well and swimming with his buddy now.]

We got to see our beautiful little sister and her super cute apartment. We met her friends and then headed out to lunch. This was my attempt to take a picture of all of us at our table.

Carly had told me about the most amazing Forever 21 at the coolest shopping center ever.
She claimed she'd been there 4 times in the last couple weeks, I think? Three stories! This place even had a guys section - since when does Forever 21 have a guys section? So Carly went shopping for John.

Carly found quite a few cute shirts and jacket.

I found a Luigi shirt (that I didn't buy but was very tempted to). Actually J found it for me. He was such a good little shopper.

I think this was the point when I called Mom to check on Emma - thanks Mom! Em said she had lots of fun on her walk with you!

Then Car took us to this fun little ice cream shop in the plaza. And boy was it amazing - they had about a zillion toppings to choose from! Of course she knew that would be my heaven. While I piled on the rainbow snow caps, Carly went healthy with the kiwi and strawberries, and J had some vanilla. Ah, my little healthy family.

We visited this amazing chocolate shop that was just like Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory where we got chocolate covered strawberries and a caramel apple (that was for C). And walked around this super cool plaza. They had an amazing smelling steak and sushi shop that we decided will be for next time, a fun coffee shop that is also for next time, a huge movie theater, and huge Borders! AND... an Edible Arrangements shop! I think this place has the best idea ever and I will probably be using this for birthdays in the future... :) We definitely debated all of these places but decided to head back to C's place with our yogurt and hang out for a bit.

Carly and her roommate did such a cute job decorating. She took a picture of us in front of Audrey Hepburn - apparently Carly bargained with the girl at Ross $30 and a cure for the girl's hiccups for this picture.

We just hung out and chatted for a a bit. I just love spending time with my sister.

I found this hilarious candy bar in her apartment and Carly claimed it as her own, so I felt it was appropriate that I document it, since it so perfectly reflects my view of chocolate.

"of course there's more to life than instant gratification, just not right now"

Carly, you are the best little sister ever. We had soooo much fun with you today. Thanks for sharing your Sunday with us and letting us hang out, and for the tour of your school and city. You make me laugh and I can't wait to see you for our early Thanksgiving next weekend!

Love you, C!

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