Friday, November 13, 2009

Sick days

It's no fun to be sick. Which is what I have been this week. However, a cup of warm tea sure soothes the throat ... and the soul.

And my dog begging me not to take her new bone makes me smile.

Along with DayQuil and my husband, I'm convinced these two really can make it all better.

But good news from school sure helps.

Wednesday's blessing: Normally I have clinical from 6:30am-5pm in Rehab. This week, we got emails saying to come to school instead of the hospital for skills lab.

Translation: wear comfy clothes, learn some good nursing skills, and go home early.

So, where I was worried about going to the hospital and getting patients sick, I got to instead go to school, become more confident in my skills, and be home by 2.

Now that is a big blessing.

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