Saturday, November 28, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving

Since my sister went to Northern California with her roommate for Thanksgiving, we had our meal with my parents early. So on Thanksgiving day, we had breakfast with my parents instead of dinner. And boy was it yummy! We even had no pulp orange juice, which is one of my very favorites.
Strawberries and bananas may be my favorite fruit combination ever. My mom used to slice them for me most mornings with breakfast during high school. Two special friends, Ali and Anna, joined us for breakfast. It was so fun to have good friends there to celebrate with.
Of course I must talk about Emma a bit. She hid in the bushes, and did a good job of it!
Family photos :)
After a nice workout.

We went home for a quick lounge time before heading over to John's parents for a Thanksgiving feast.
The grandmas in position as always :) These are the sweetest ladies.
The fam.
Dinner was great! And it was so fun to have Sam and Valinda there. And cousin, almost Dr., Karl.

I love our families. Thank you Lord for food to eat and family to eat it with.

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