Saturday, October 17, 2009

Simple thoughts on this lazy Saturday

Some would say my life is boring. I go to school, and I come home. John goes to work, and comes home. We eat. We hang out. We take Emma for a walk. And we go to bed. And I mean, I get tired early, like, by 9pm. I usually can hold out until 11 (J's such a late nighter ;). And I feel like I'm living. Some people are just getting started at 11pm.

But I love our simple life. I love our modest home and our psychotic puppy and my sweet, mellow husband. I don't mind going to school (I mean, J and I would definitely prefer just not to work or go to school at all, but this works). I don't mind that my excitement for the day may be getting Starbucks with J, taking Emma for a walk, and giving her a bath. That's how today started. J and I leashed our little Bigs up and took her to the park. But first, J ran into the little coffee shop down the street and got us a couple frappuccinos. (ps...they raised their prices. ahhhh). And Emma waited for him patiently.
Then we went to the park. And Emma actually played with the other dogs. We were so proud. She's usually more interested in the ball she found within the first 10 seconds of us being there.
It didn't last long though. She took her ball and staked out a tree and she was happy.
When we got home, we filled the bath, plopped her in, and scrubbed her up. She's definitely getting better at that. She stands still in the tub. And she is so happy when she's clean.
We went to dinner. Olive Garden salad and appetizer. Some might say Olive Garden is boring. Not me. I am always content with Olive Garden. I am thankful we are able to do things like go out to dinner. Yah yah, it's not the "healthiest" thing in the world. It's so good though.
And then we went to Guitar Center. This is common for us, to go walk around a store after Olive Garden. I have become quite the Grossmont Center We usually go to Target and walk around and come up with something we need, like shaving cream or highlighters. Today we went to Guitar Center and J played the pianos. And found his favorite set-up. One day we will have a keyboard by our iMac between our two big yellow speakers, and J will record some beautiful music. Because truly, he is one of the most gifted people. He taught himself how to play piano. That is amazing to me. For now, we have the guitars and that is great. But one day we will have a piano again. For now, we will visit Guitar Center. :)
I really love my family and my home and my life. I am so blessed. We end most evenings with House episodes. And Emma on my or J's lap. And then we get ready for bed. Some say it is boring. I say, it is the best.

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