Saturday, October 3, 2009

10 moments

Today, I was reminded why I love Saturdays:
1. I actually accomplish a little studying (a dent in the pile)
2. I found the bike I want
3. Sister visits (praise the Lord for her awesome roommate)
4. The never ending pasta bowl and I met again (8 days left folks)
5. Meals, and time for conversation, with my sweetheart
6. Much needed highlighter runs at heaven on earth
7. AM and PM walks with my favorites
8. House... two episodes in a row (Cameron rocks my socks)
9. Cuddle time with my little one... and my other one :)
10. And everything else... great conversations, encouragement, hugs, yummy food, lots of love, a warm home, bedtime knowing tomorrow is another day of the weekend, and my best friend.

These are the days I will remember. On Monday.

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