Monday, October 26, 2009

The beginning of the future of my windows

I have always wanted really cute curtains on all of my windows. I like so many different looks and types... the more time I think, the more options I consider. I tossed around the idea of making them myself for a bit... up until the point I started looking through the fabric books and didn't understand the jargon. This week, as the sun beat through the blinds in our office bedroom where I study onto half of my body, I thought, it's time for curtains. I nonchalantly mentioned the idea to J Saturday morning...

So, it gets pretty hot in the 2nd bedroom...the sun beats through the blinds.
Oh really.
Yeah, so I think we should get some curtains. Just basic. Something simple. But to block out that sun because it's so hot honey!
Are you sure? I could get curtains?
Yeah sure!
Like, today?
Sure hun.

Just like that! Sure! No problem! I jumped on the opportunity and headed to Target to do some window shopping after a lovely lunch date with Ali. I ended up with some really simple, white curtains. I was going for red to bring out the accent, but no such luck. But I love them! I have yet to experience a hot day with them, since I'm gone during the days usually. And one day I may have the cute patterns and maybe even make them myself. But for now, I am really happy! We even hung them ourselves! So domestic of me, I know. My very own curtains.

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