Monday, October 26, 2009

Motherly thoughts

I love being a parent. Even though I'm not, technically. I am. Dogs are seriously the best prep for a child. As close as you can get I think. Granted, I don't have a little person running around yet. But I know how much I love Emma. And how much J loves Emma. How we coordinate our schedules for her. How I let her outside at 4 in the morning. Her morning licks as she jumps up on the bed. Her crazy bull run in circles to welcome us home in the afternoon. Her carrying her own leash on our morning and evening walks. Cocking her head when we talk to her. Driving us crazy. Making us laugh. Constantly.

We have about a zillion pee circles all over our carpet. We've cleaned it many times but they come back. She destroyed our kitchen cabinets. And our dishwasher. And six pairs of my sandals. And the sheets. And my grey sweater. She's so hyper. She jumps all over the place. She steps on me and sometimes it hurts. Never intentionally. Just accidentally.

But I love her with all of my heart. I wouldn't trade her for the world. I am so thankful we have her. And it makes me excited to be a mom. (the excitement was never really lacking, since I had an amazing mom that led me to want to be a mom.... but still). And it makes me excited to see J be a dad. We are going to have so much fun with our little one. (not now... in 5 years... or something like that). I know we'll be tired. The house will be messy. We'll be frustrated, and maybe discouraged. But we'll smile. And laugh. Constantly. And isn't that what it's about. The joy of a little life that we made together, with God's beautiful design.

For now, I will treasure the moments with our puppy. She will be one year old soon. And we will celebrate. She is our playful Bigs. Our little Emmsey. Our sleepy Bear. And when our little one comes, many years from now, we will love him or her with a love from the Lord. And we will also love our precious Emma.

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