Sunday, October 11, 2009

Blessings in a weekend

While the majority of the weekend was filled with med-surg... wasn't all bad. I was even a little bit productive! (we'll see how that plays out on the quiz and presentation tomorrow...)

Brunch with Ali at the cutest little place overlooking the ocean in Del Mar
Time with Luigi
and Emma
Car rides with my family
My amazing husband bought me the cutest little laptop mouse ever - I didn't realize what I was missing! Everyone must have one. Thank you honey!
I have a wonderful home, an amazing husband, animals who love me, family who cares, the ability to go to school, the future of a great job, a husband with a current job that provides for us, food, the ability to make Target runs, House episodes, a car that runs (and holds a lot of stuff), a Heavenly Father who died for me... I am pretty blessed.

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