Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Our humble home

I sorta blew it. We had our one-year anniversary with our condo on October 15th and I forgot to celebrate via blog. I thought about post-dating this. Or back-dating, or however you say it. But then I thought, well that's not very ethical. So I am being honest. I forgot. Oh well.

Our home is one of our big blessings. I am so thankful for our little condo. Two parking spaces and laundry. Those were the requirements. And everything else has been an added bonus.

Here are a few memories from the beginning.

We got the keys!
J installing our new doorknob. Safety first :)
My little magic machines.
Stripping the wood in the bathroom... our first remodel project.
My red and yellow room after we put stuff in it, minus wall decorations. I think it is happy. Our first Christmas in our new home. We got to have an 8 foot tree. We probably won't do that again. But it was fun to try :)

We are so blessed to have our own place. Thank you Lord for working out all the cracks last year. Thank you for our home.

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