Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Reflections: On Blogging

Well how did that happen. 
2012 came and went and only 21 blog posts were written. 
Since this is a new year, I won't reflect on that fact.
Regardless, I'm hoping to be more intentional about writing this year.
About life. About goals. About dreams. About moments. About lessons learned.
I want to write because I can. 
Writing has always been a challenge for me {the journaling kind, although I never liked the paper kind either}
I've learned that although blogging seems faster and funner since I can add pictures and make backgrounds cute and pull fun fonts... it is still a discipline.
But I think it's an important one. 
I think there is value in writing the blessings of the days.
Because I want to remember. I want to look back and see the hand of God in my life even when I didn't necessarily see it in the moment. 
I realized how many times the Lord blessed me this past year. 
And I saw it.
But I want to share.
So, I am going to try again.
And I'm going to think less and write more. Sometimes I think the thinking gets in the way of the writing.
Especially with all the other "pretty" blogs out there... so many people are such better and more sophisticated writers than me, I feel.
But, this is my blog. This is where my thoughts go. So the rest of that doesn't matter.

Because I'm more of an external processor... these are some newer formed thoughts. I'm not sure what direction God has me or moments headed in this year, but I am ready for whatever may come.
Besides, I think some big things may be happening this year. And I want to share. :)

Happy 2013 friends! Here's to sharing life and remembering moments!

the McGoverns: Jordanna, John, Luigi (the cockatiel), Baker (cute round face), and Emma (in the center)

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