Friday, January 11, 2013

Joys of Christmas

Christmas 2012 was definitely special, 
but a bit different, in that I worked both Christmas Eve and Christmas night. 
But in my house, Christmas can happen any day of year. So Christmas this year consisted of little bits of fun in the midst of sleep for me. And lots of snuggling those sweet NICU babies as I prayed for them and cared for them.

Grandma's house Christmas morning is the one part of Christmas that always happens at the same time, due to the sheer volume of people that come. I love the chaos that ensues when we get my mom's four brothers and families and cousins together. Nothing like it.

and nothing like her christmas tree.
 my grandma is the cutest. and my mom is the other cutest.

 of course J and Carly have to have their photo shoot. 
 i love my mom. i was about to fall over from sleepiness and joy at this point :)
 it's not christmas without these yummies from grandma.
 my ladies. four muskateers.
 did i mention this girl is my new {and old} TRAVEL BUDDY?!

J had some get-togethers with his fam over the few days I was working also, which I don't have pictures of.
Our Christmas together with our families happened December 26th. 
{after work... i didn't really dress up for photos this year :)}

 one thing i realized in this photo series is that we look like crazy dog people. we didn't have our Sammy to calm things down this year, and my goodness, these three young lads sure know how to get 
in. the. middle. of. everything.
steve was so sweet to go into work a little late and put his robe on to emulate christmas morning.
we made carly a photo book of Ava's first year. :)
j got a rad cute little ladder.
snuggle/play time with uncle john.
 i love my mommy, says ava penney. {her new nickname}
 us and our kids. just wait til there are real kids. oh goodness.
 finally they were tired.
 emma loves her grandma. {both of them}. little snuggle bug.
 watch dog x 3

Then we went home and I went to sleep. 
That evening, we went to J's parents for yummy pizza and dessert and presents. 
Christmas part 3!!
somehow we didn't get quite as many pictures here. but there was just as much love.

I love love love Christmas. Hopefully next year I will be a little less tired through the whole thing {although I'm thinking this may be the way of a hospital nurse, which I'm ok with!},
but I am definitely thankful for family to share it with.
And I am thankful for the Savior who was born that day in Bethlehem to save us all.
Best gift ever!!

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