Sunday, January 6, 2013

2013: Where am I Headed?

Every new year brings with it fresh starts and feelings of renewed spirits and purpose. This year is no different, and so I like to take advantage of this time to look ahead to where I am headed this year. John and I spent time on NYE writing down some goals {hopes and plans} that we'd like to see happen this year. I love how that time connects us and always brings us closer as we have a shared purpose and focus.

Instead of numbering them, we just categorized them. I'll share a few.

- We are headed to Maui at the end of this month to celebrate our 5-year anniversary!
- John has a conference in Portland in May he'd like to go to... and I'd like to go too. We've seen Fall and Winter there, so this way we could see Spring!
- Carly and I are planning a trip to Italy this year... I could not be more excited. It's kinda a life dream for me, since we're Italian and all. I'd love to see my bestie over on Crete while we're at it. Nothing is booked yet... we better get on it.
- We'd like to get out to West Virginia to see Sam and Valinda and their new life and home out there :).
- We want to take a fall/winter trip and we love weather... so we are planning to head to Whitefish, MT for some fun later this year! Random but so so beautiful. And then we can check "Montana" off our "states we haven't seen" list. :)
- We have friends pretty close by (as in a few hours north) we would really like to visit this year if we can.

House and Financial:
- We've gotta buy and install our mantel and touch up some baseboards to complete our projects from last year.
- Save some money {we have a number} before kiddies come into play.
- Make significant dent in school loans.

- We've got a fun small business up our sleeves that we are really excited about {more of that to come!} but hopefully we can get that started pretty soon, if everything works out.
- J has a couple work conferences he'd like to go to, and I think I'll stay close to home this year and attend the day-conference for SCANN in San Diego this winter.

Life Together:
- Continue our involvement in our small bible study with friends.
- And maybe work on expanding our family later this year? :)
- Continued growth in marriage as we learn how to love each other even deeper and fuller.

Life Apart [me]:
- I would like to craft more {always}.
- Blog frequently {oh woe is "Moments 2012" .....}
- Gym gym gym... healthy living 2013.
- Complete a bible study on my own {I've started going through the Psalms and am really excited}.
- Invest in friendships in special ways.
- Be humbled and grow in wisdom, grace, and truth.

Lord, lead me on the journey of this year. I can't wait to see where you take me.


  1. Thanks for sharing your goals, Jay.

    It looks like 2013 is full of all sorts of goodness. I can't help but comment on the family expansion ;)