Wednesday, January 2, 2013

2012: Looking Back

John and I spent New Years Eve at home snuggled with blankets, a fire, candle, glasses of peach sparkling wine, and our pens and tablets reflecting on all that has happened this past year, discussing goals met and goals for this next year.

{What I really mean: I snuggled with blankets... J did not. I was disappointed to find the sparkling wine was not as good as I was anticipating -- yes Carly it was the one you told me about so many times!! Pens and tablets actually means respective laptops with a shared word doc we were editing together about our goals... but pens and tablets sounds so much cozier. :) It turns out I didn't actually set any written goals for this past year, so it was more of a looking back at goals for J and life events for both of us. And I'd prefer to call our goals for this year 'plans' ... and 'desires'. I'm a bit over the 'goal' thing. I wasn't a soccer player growing up... yes waterpolo, but that's beside the point.}

OK... now that we have gotten those clarifications out of the way... :)

2012 was a really full year. Mostly great and some hard times. But isn't that how every year goes?

So you have a recap through July. {But, since I forgot I already did that... I already typed all of the below... so much of this is overview. Sorry about that. I just can't delete it after I wrote it, ya know?}

So, another and continued recap:

J and I did quite the mini house remodel in January... through March. I already told you about this, but what did we do? Demolished tile, pulled a TON of wood off our fireplace and 15 foot ceiling, re-drywalled in many needed areas behind that wood (and the hole from when J fell through the ceiling... don't worry, he's fine and it was in the laundry room), re-painted... and then re-painted with a different color, re-tiled, installed 16 new light fixtures (which includes re-running all new wiring... which is a lot of work), re-carpeted the house, and re-baseboarded (is that a word? It went with all the other "re"s.) everything. So, this kept us quite busy during that time. We are beyond thankful to have that all behind us and now just have a few touch up items... like paint touch ups and getting a real live mantel! Don't worry... we are almost done. I learned (well, I knew this, but it was again true in this case) that house projects always take longer than you think. And I also learned that my husband is a rockstar and can do ANYTHING! He did everything all. by. himself. And it looks amazing.

We both made huge job changes. I am beyond blessed and excited to be doing what I believe the Lord has called me to and gifted me toward. And it is so special to be able to pray for children brand new to the world as I care for them and their families. John went back to work at Point Loma Nazarene University as the Network Engineer. He now has the further commute and I have the short one, which I of course am loving. We both count ourselves blessed to have work. I even went to my first professional conference with my friend and coworker this year!

My sister graduated college in May (GOOO SISSY!), so we went to celebrate her and stayed at a really fun and classy hotel {inn?} overnight also. It was so fun to celebrate her and have a little getaway with the family.
With that came Ava, the cutest little labrador puppy ever. She and Baker and Emma are becoming quite the little friends, although Baker still is jealous of her.

We visited Temecula (a bit north of us) for our friends' Chris and Katie's wedding, which was the start of a really special friendship. Since then, we started a bible study with them and our friend Paul, and have grown to be really great friends with all of them. Katie is a nurse also and she and I have similar interests, and these three guys couldn't be more similar. I think the similarities really bonded us all, compounded with our love for Jesus.

J's brother Sam and his wife Valinda moved from Northern California to West Virginia, where she is from, and Sam became a police officer. They came to visit this summer, which we loved. We miss them tons but are really excited for them and all the new adventures they get to have in their new cute home with their sweet {not-so} puppy Syd.

It is baby season in our friends' lives and this year we welcomed many little ones to families. Mark and Katie had baby Colton, Brandon and Sarah had baby Aubrey, Dwain and Jaclyn had baby Evie, and Joe and Ali had baby Joey just last week. What joys to watch special people who love Jesus get to see His love in a new way through these precious children.

Our big trip this year was back to Oregon to visit our most special friends, Mark and Katie, and their children Elle and Colton. We love the Ritter family. We loved every moment we got to spend with them and every moment of our time in Oregon. We also got to see my childhood friend Casey and her sweet husband Jake, who also recently moved to Oregon! It was so fun to catch up with them and hear about how much they love living there. We reallllllly like Oregon. Not now... but it's not ruled out in the long term :).

Needless to say, we have been so blessed this year. So much learned, so much still to learn. But I'm thankful for the family and friends I get to do life with, the man I get to walk life beside, and the Heavenly Father that never ever fails.

God is good! Happy new year!

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