Saturday, January 19, 2013

Joey Jackson Patt

Joey was born December 27, 2012 to my bestie Ali and her hubby Joe.

I of course tottled off to the hospital to see them as soon as she was in her recovery room.
And then waited while family and friends stopped in to visit all week.
One week later, I trekked to her home and visited the Patt family together at home.
Joe, Ali, and Joey.
And it was as if everything was just as it should be.

Ali has been through it, and I have had the privilege of walking with her through the journey.
She and I have both grown and learned many lessons since freshman year of college when we met.
I feel like we've gone through as many challenges as possible.
And yet, there has been lots of laughter. 
Lots of coffee dates. 
Lots of long distance phone conversations and late night bunk bed chats.
A few runs but lots of walks.
And lots of hugs.

Joey is such a lucky little baby to have Ali for a mommy.
I love watching their hearts burst with love for this precious baby they created.

True fatherly love. 

I love him too!

There will be many more visits, many more phone chats and walks and coffee dates.
But it was so fun to watch a few moments happen 
between two one-week-old parents and their one-week-old baby boy.

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