Saturday, July 24, 2010

Sam and Valinda: Married!!

Well, only 2 days shy of a month later, the infamous Sam and Valinda's wedding post. :)

I mentioned J and I headed east (and I mean east!) to see my brother-in-law marry an amazing girl last month. And I mentioned a special birthday, and family we got to see. But I didn't mention the wonderful bride and groom!

She was beautiful. And he watched her so sweetly.

Together!! The moment when you can sigh with relief because you get to spend the rest of the day together. :)

Sam's boss/worship leader sang "Love is not a fight" while they lit the unity candle. Such a special song and time in the ceremony. [sidenote: if you are married or getting married, listen to the words of this song. it's perfect.]

Whoo whoo married!!!

Their first dance was pretty perfect :)

Sam's sandals might have been my favorite part of the reception. :) I love California.

And a final farewell to the Mr and Mrs ;)

Sam and Valinda, your wedding was so special. V, you were (and are) beautiful. I'm so excited to be sister-in-laws, and in the same state at that! Thanks for letting us share in your special day. We're so excited to grow together in marriage and friendship. And to come visit you and see your home you built together! Love you guys!!

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  1. These are great! Your wonderful photography adds so much. Thanks for all you do:)