Friday, July 23, 2010

The miraculous return to professionalism

I'm not really the big expensive type of shopper. I mean, I love shopping. A lot. And I can have fun in most stores. But I feel wasteful spending so much on one piece of clothing, when I could get a similar thing for much less, oh somewhere like Target, let's say. Yep. I'm a Target shopper. Except once when I bought an Anthro dress (although, I would definitely like to buy their whole store!)

I'm also not a real "professional" type of person. In fact, a large part of the reason I changed my career from event planning to nursing is because you get to wear scrubs instead of suits and heels.

And so, professional + expensive = reallllly not fun. One or the other, maybe. But both?

Anyway. The past 2 months have been filled with:
"the job market is really tough"
"you have to market yourself"
"professional portfolios make you stand out"
"make sure it's on nice paper"
"jordanna, sometimes you look like a girl. you need a suit that makes you look like an adult"
"don't buy cutesy"
"it's worth the money if it gets you the job"

Like, over and over. So I'm trying. Since I went to a little professional conference today, I had to get a suit. So I went to Banana Republic. Because I'm told that is where business professionals a little older than me shop. And I was kinda dreading it. Feeling like I'd rather buy a microwave or a plant or a new set of sheets or socks or pretty much anything, than buy a suit. So I pray, "God, please bless this experience and help me to find what I need at a price I can [sort of] afford."

So I walk in the store. Look around. Totally overwhelmed. And angel #1 walks up to me. "Excuse me, would you like some coupons? They're only good today and I'm not gonna use them." Yes thank you!! I exclaim. I look at them. 40% off. Oh my gosh, thank you God, I might actually be able to afford something after all.

So I'm walking around. Not sure where to start. I pick up a skirt, pants and a jacket. None of which go together. And angel #2 shows up. "Would you like me to start a fitting room for you?" Yes, I say, and I have to buy a suit and I have no idea how, can you please help me? And the next thing I know, Sylvia is bringing me all kinds of crazy things I would never have picked up and telling me they look "cute and professional and young and modern." And she says "every person I dress gets the job. Don't worry honey. Be confident. Chin up." For 2 hours she helped me.

And I walked out with my entire purchase for 40% off. And someone who said I looked "perfect and professional." You can call that coincidence or you can call that a miracle. I call it a miracle.

Thank you God. You knew I would walk out in tears, didn't you? Thank you for bringing me two angels to help me. You are so so good! And thank you for success today, and for helping me to feel like myself even in a suit. And thank you for Mahea, who shares with me in these frustrations.

I guess it's not so bad after all. But I still cannot wait until I get to go SCRUB shopping and wear tennis shoes to work. :)

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